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Student Productions

Dove Tales Theatre Company will help your students create an original and professional quality drama performance; perfect for a School Anniversary, Drama Competition, or to showcase your school's talent. Our instructors will guide your students in the creation of a full length show, complete with sets, costumes, props, and more. Contact us now for a quote.

Services Include:

  • Original Scripts

  • Rehearsals 

  • Music and Choreography

  • Costumes

  • Props and Stage Sets

  • Sound Equipment and Microphone Rental

  • Optional: Script Writing Instruction

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Drama Workshop

Dove Tales Theatre Company will lead a drama course tailor made to suit your school's needs. Mix and match our course themes below to create a unique workshop that will help your students develop their skills, talents, and creativity. We also offer full school year length drama courses. Contact us now for a quote.

Subjects Include:

  • Acting Basics

  • Stage Combat

  • Musical Performance (Singing and Dancing)

  • Creative Writing

  • Interview Skills

  • Performing and Interpreting Shakespeare

  • Public Speaking Workshops

  • Creative Writing Workshops

  • Circus Skills

  • Improvisation

  • Summer Bridging Courses

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Staff Development Workshop

Dove Tales Theatre Company will facilitate a workshop geared towards giving your teachers the tools to incorporate drama in their classrooms. This workshop is also perfect for staff team-building. 

Key Workshop Themes:

  • Communication

  • Creativity

  • Memorization

  • Presentation skills

  • Team work

  • Articulation and Projection

  • Skills for increasing focus

  • Self-confidence

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